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Sunday, 4 May 2008

Behavior of the Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon Cat and Behavioral Characteristics

The Maine Coon cat has a variety of names, many that aren't really used that much any more, but we're going to share them with you in case you happen to run across other names in your research. Those other names are: American Coon Cat, Maine Cat, Maine Trick Cat, American Longhair, American Forest Cat, American Shag, American Snughead and don't forget Coonie. This particular cat is totally adored by many and for good reasons. The major one is their intelligence.
Maine Coon cats display a very high level of intelligence and can actually be trained much like a dog. Ok they don't always come when you call, but they can be taught tricks and some will even play fetch with you. With a high IQ like this, you want to make sure you train the cat, not the other way around. Being blessed with a mischievous sense of humor and boundless energy, you can count on the Maine Coon cat to want to play with you. Try teaching them how to play catch. Their enormous front paws, even if they aren't polydactyls, give them a great deal of dexterity.
Just watch your cat curl its paw over an object and then pick it up. They can and do manage to open cupboard doors and go in to explore. And, if you happen to have a tap that is fairly easy to turn on, give your cat enough time and he'll learn how to turn it on. Remarkable cats, Maine Coons have also been known to eat with their paws instead of out of their bowls. Resist the urge to offer them their own fork.
If you haven't heard a Maine Coon cat talk to you, you'll be in for a bit of a surprise. Rather than offer the standard feline greeting of "rowl" or "meow" they come out with a mixed purr/trill crossed with a meow. It's quite amazing to listen to, as it seems to convey a whole story in one short trill. What will amuse you no end, is when they (you will have more than one Maine Coon cat once you start loving them) start playing and trilling while running through the house at top speed at 3:00 am. Their games of hide and seek in the nocturnal hours are really quite hysterical, so long as you have a sense of humor.
Don't be too surprised to find your Maine Coon cat in the bathtub, especially if you have a leaking tap. While they won't get under the tap to play in it, they will play with the drips with rapt fascination. Then when bored with that game they may take a drink from the tap despite the fact they have their own bowl of water out in the kitchen. Totally irrepressible these characters! Watch them dip their toys into water, and keep the toilet seat down – they've been known to drop things in the water and then try and fish them out. Another rather quirky trait they have is eyeing a bowl of water like it had a snake in it, then before taking a drink will skim their paws across the top of the water. Of course they then flip the water all over the floor when they shake it out of their paw.
Try to keep your Maine Coon cat well exercised and entertained. Why? Aside from the bonding aspect of this routine, they do get bored from time to time. And what does a bored Maine Coon cat do? Hops up on a table, the fridge or your desk and pushes things off over the edge using their large paws. Awww, gotta love them!
Aside from keeping them entertained, maybe you could also cuddle with them in your lap. Well, nice thought, but they're not really considered to be lap cats. Maine Coon cats are highly independent. That's not to say they don't adore their humans, it's just that they like to do their own thing with humans. And that usually means following them around the house and sitting by them, but not on them. So you won't find your cat begging for attention, but he will be a constant shadow, happy to be near you.

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Jennifer said...

Thank u. Very helpful. Describes my Monte to the t.

Chantal said...

OMG! That describes my Xiba! I will need to get the book as she has mad manic moments and leaps at feet and hands and goes nuts...all at the witching hour it is...

Thanks for this...


AMC said...

Thank you that artacle was very helpful! I am to that level where I love all cats so much I am adicted to them so this site helps me learn more about them.

just me said...

that article describs my cat (simba aka mr.puffy pants) to the t except my simba has another side to his behavior that dosnt match up to this article he loves to play by really rough nibbling (biting) we dont know why hes like that so if anybody might know why please post a comment or send me an e-mail thank u simbas dad

Unknown said...

Love my Maine Coon Loki, who knows how to get my by pushing things off of other things, particularly when they clang or crash. Then he gets to go outside...

Maxine Peake said...

I have a 1year old fixed female who I got at 12 weeks. She is beautiful all black like her mommy. She does sit on my shoulder and sometimes my lap. She also has a nasty habit of hissing and swating at us. I'm not sure how to curb this behavior. She will not let me trim her nails but I'll let the vet. She also does not let me brush her but I keep trying.

I dont mind the water play or table swiping but the claws and scratching! I have a 2 year old granddaughter who I care for 3 days a week. We also have a 3 year old fat cat and 2 african grey parrots. But Bianca has claimed herself queen. Any suggestions?

Julie said...

I just acquired a Polydactyl kitten about three months. She seems to sleep a lot, is this normal? She is a good eater.

Lori James said...

My Maine coon wants to be outside lately, but its hot outside. I'm confused

mr hixpoi said...


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Anne deLain W Clark said...

Based on size, appearance, and behavior, we're pretty sure our cat (who adopted us when she was 12 weeks) is part Maine Coon. She did most of the things in this article, but in the last few months, she's changed when she's inside. She is reclusive, sleeps a LOT, and recoils when we try to pet her. She seems pretty normal outside, and has made friends with all of our neighbors. We're very worried she may be depressed. -Anne